Costumes, Shoes, and Dress Code

Required Costumes, Dancewear, and Shoes

Recital Costumes

All students participate in the year-end recital. Performing is optional for adults.
  • Preschool Dancers - 1 Costume, $60
  • Dazzlers- 2 Costumes, $65 each
  • Glitzers, Starlets - 3 Costumes, $65 each
  • Showstoppers, Headliners - 3 Costumes, $70 each
  • Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Adults - 1 Costume per Dance, $75 each
*Prices do not include sales tax.

Shoes and Dancewear Required for Class


Any color leotard, pink or tan dance tights. Ask about boys and adults.

Students must pull their hair back for class.
Please bring a bottle of water to each class.


Specific styles / colors are for the recital. Other styles are allowed in class for the first half of the year.
  • Tiny Dancers - Pink ballet shoes
  • Preschool Dancers - Pink ballet shoes, tyette tap shoes
  • Dazzlers - Bloch pink ballet shoes, Capezio caramel tyette tap shoes
  • Glitzers, Starlets, and Showstoppers - Bloch pink ballet shoes, Capezio caramel Mary Jane tap shoes, Capezio caramel jazz slip-ons
  • Headliners, Freshmen, and Adults - Bloch pink ballet shoes (split-sole if possible), Bloch black oxford tap shoes (split-sole if desired), Capezio caramel jazz slip-ons
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors - Bloch pink split-sole ballet shoes, Bloch black split-sole oxford tap shoes, Capezio caramel jazz slip-ons, and black hip-hop sneakers
  • Juniors and Seniors approved for Pointe - pink pointe shoes with best fit plus accessories
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