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About Act III Dance Center LLC

School Year Classes Run From September to May. Summer Session: Weekly Classes for 5 weeks (Starting June 19th, 2017)

Incredible Dance Education
Miss Lori has developed a thorough dance curriculum that challenges students as they progress through each level. Our goal is to truly reach each student, teach them proper dance technique and always advance their dancing skills, in a friendly and encouraging class environment. Our way of teaching promotes excellence in dance, self-confidence, respect, and positive attitudes.

Dance Year/Recital
The dance year runs from September to May. This year, we are starting 8-week sessions for the Tiny Dancers class. There is a year-end production (recital) in which all students perform. (Any student has the option not to participate, and Tiny Dancers are not in the recital.)

Click to learn more about our Class Schedules and Prices and Costumes and Dress Code.

Tiny Dancers and Preschool Classes
Children have fun while working on dance movements, balance, rhythm, and classroom conduct. These classes are a wonderful preparation for school, sports, music, and theater!

Tiny Dancers (Age 2 to 3) attend class with a parent or caregiver. They will begin ballet. 8-week sessions.

Preschool Dancers (Age 3 1/2 and 4) attend class without parents. Preschool dancers will learn Ballet and Tap skills and will perform a Ballet dance in our year-end recital. 

Elementary Classes**
We offer Ballet, Tap & Jazz at many levels. Classes are arranged by age and skill, and each class is designed especially for that level. Contemporary (Lyrical) and Hip Hop will be added to their class when teachers determine their readiness. In addition to expert dance instruction, our elementary classes promote mutual respect and build skills and attitudes useful in school, sports, and the arts.

"Freshmen" to "Senior" Classes*
Beginning at the Freshman level (approximately 5th or 6th grade in school), classes become longer and offer more intense technique than the elementary classes. These classes are arranged by age and skill. Students may choose any or all of the following classes: Ballet and Contemporary (Lyrical), Jazz and Hip Hop, and Tap. Pointe is offered to students in the Junior and Senior classes. When a student is new to pointe, she begins in Junior Pointe. Junior Pointe begins with pre-pointe before progressing into pointe shoes when students are ready approximately 4 months later.  This is for conditioning and for their safety.

Light Competition
*Students in the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes will be chosen for the ACT III DANCE COMPANY.  Each company level performs and competes a total of one to three times per year in addition to our recital. Dance Company works on mastering advanced dances in an additional weekly rehearsal. Company students are also together in their regular classes with ALL of the students in their age groups, and EVERYONE is challenged.  We do not separate "competition" students from "recreational" students, and we foster nice teamwork.
**Younger students may compete as solo or duet entries in competitions, if desired, by taking private lessons each week.
Adult Classes
We offer classes in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Beginners to advanced dancers improve their dance skills, get a great workout, and have a lot of fun. Performing in the year-end production is completely optional.

Private Lessons
Students may register for private instruction upon request. One, two, or three students make up a “private” lesson. Check our Class Schedules and Prices.

Our Services
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